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Handforge saber

Hand-made infantry saber, Materials: Steel 65 g and iron 3 Materials of the handle: wood (ash) and leather Length 630 mm Cutting length: 530 mm […]

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A small Viking axe – forge

Hand forged ax, one-handed type. Material: Steel (k-50, special for axes) Material of hanging: Wood (beech), leather braid (beef blouse) Length: 400mm […]

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One nice madium survaival knife handforge

An average survival knife made in my workshop, made of steel u10 and wooden handle (ash) with a brownish finish treated with linen oil to […]

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Medium hunting knife

That is one medium handmade blade from a 440 steel , with handle make out of (bakilit)polimer with black finish,the knife had to lether sheat […]

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Custom handmade damascus steel Rambo Bowie

Custom made damascus steel Rambo Bowie. Overall length is 17” Have much sharp edge like razor sharp. handle is made brass clip and guard and […]

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