Initial speeds of cartridges 7.62x54R.308Win and.30-06 foreign productions Info 22.11.2018


Lake Saimaa (Finland) Info 17.11.2018

Geography: Lake Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland is and the fourth largest freshwater lake in Europe. The lake is located in the southeast of the country.The only river that flows from Lake Saimaa is Vuoksa, and then it flows through the territory of Russia and flows into Lake Ladoga. There are 13710 islands on Sa  […]

How to choose the first gun(Brief and informative advice) Info 08.11.2018

Need to buy a good gun, gradually get used to it and become a professional.

If you entered the interesting hunting world, then while choosing a gun these brief and informative tips will have a positive effect on you. After getting used to the weapons, which makes it possible to become a cautious hunter, you can think  […]

Conformity of the most common calibers of the world Info 04.11.2018


Lake Ontario (USA & Canada) Info 03.11.2018

Geography: Lake Ontario is located in the USA and Canada. Among the lakes of the USA, Ontario is in the 5th place by its area. The Niagara River flows into Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River flows out.With Lake Erie and the Hudson River, the shipping channels of Ontario


Methods of wearing a shootgun during hunting Info 01.11.2018

   One of the key factors for the hunter during the hunt is the safe handling of weapons, the skills of which are developed over the years. The safest method is when the gun is hanging on the shoulder and the barrels are directed upwards. However, it is difficult to sight the hunt quickly in case of a sudden encounter  […]

In the fishing shop

Անեկդոտներ, Info

In the fishing shop the salesman asks the fisherman – Should I give you a fish or a fishhook anyway?
Fisherman – Net and dynamite.


Smokeless gunpowder Info 30.10.2018

The black gunpowder, consisting of saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur, was used for several centuries and in the middle of the 20th century practically disappeared from use. Currently, only amateurs of old weapons use it. The black gunpowder had a number of serious defects, which include insufficient energy and a large amo  […]

English Setter Info 29.10.2018

This entry is only available in Russian.


Whitefish(Sig) Info 25.10.2018


Description: The whitefish differs for its diversity. The head small is, the muzzle is sharp. The scales are relatively large. The overall color of the body is silvery with a heavenly shade. The back is dark g  […]

Rio-Grande River(Argentina) Info 17.10.2018

Geography: The Land of Fire is situated on the southern border of South America. It includes more than 40,000 islands. Its western part administratively belongs to Chile (the area of Magallanes-i-la-Antarctica-Chilena).


Carp fish Info 17.10.2018

Description: Unlike its ancestors, the carp is hardy, tenacious and more prolific. The carp is yellow-green or brown, but its color may vary depending on the habitat. The head is large, the mouth is retractable. On the upper lip are two pairs of mustaches. The body of carp, which lives in a lake or in a pond, is short  […]

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