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I am manufacturer of all kind Knives, Swords, Axes , i use Damascus steel, Carbon steel. 440C steel , D2 Steel , J2 Steel , 1095 Steel ,15n20 teel , 4043 Steel. blades , i do make , i also take custom orders. I use in Handle , Antler horn , Ram Horn , Buffalo Horn ,Camel Bone , Wolf Bone, Stag horn , RoseWood , Pakka Wood , Oilve Wood , Black hard wood . I do deliver worldwide by DHL or FedEx and Payment i accept by PayPal Or Western union or Money Gram . Feel Free to message me.


Price negot.

come to purchase all kind knives , swords, axes.

I makes all kind swords, all kind design knives, Daggers, all kind Axes, butcher knives, Cleavers, Chopper, kitchen knives and cutlery ware, razors, H […]

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