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Еnglish pointer(Pointer)

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Approximate comparison of armored clothing protection classes according to the standards of different countries

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     Hello, dear reader. I am the ExpertF.


The world’s most expensive gun

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The VO Falcon Edition gun is worth $ 820000, which is exclusively handmade. The gun is produced by “VO Vapen AB”, a small Swedish family company, founded in 1977 by the weapon master Viggo Olson. His son, the gunsmith Oulf helps him. These weapon masters create the world’s most extraordinary guns. The  […]

Classes of body armor protection Europe

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European standard (CEN)




Types of pneumatic weapons

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   The existing pneumatic guns, rifles and carbines in the world can be classified on the basis of several factors:

  1. Structure:
  • Smoothbore, which is a pipe with flat walls inside. Such barrels reduce the accuracy and the range of weapons.
  • Rifle, which gives a rotational motion to the bullet due to the strip-  […]

Bullet shooting

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     Bullet Shooting is an Olympic style sport. The shooting takes place at the shooting range by small, large caliber and pneumatic pistols and guns for men and women. The Olympic program includes 5 exercises for pistols and 5 exercises for guns.


Classes of body armor protection United States of America

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US National Institute of Justice (NIJ)



Big-eyed tuna

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This entry is only available in Armenian and Russian.


Brown hare

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This entry is only available in Armenian and Russian.



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This entry is only available in Armenian and Russian.


Walther LG400 Blacktec

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Мanufacturer country: Germany
Company: Walther


 […] portal supports a walk

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The Gegharot waterfal

   The portal, constantly emphasizing the harmony of man and nature, supported the “Robinson” hiking and survival club and the organizers of the walking tour held on September 9-10 for the rou  […]

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