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How you can Build / Start a Blog Easily?

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    1. Come up with a theme and title<br />
    Decide what you want to write about.

    It could be:

    Hobbies, interests, interests: cooking, traveling, fashion, sports, cars.<br />
    Life experience. Tell us about lessons, life hacks, share your knowledge.<br />
    Personal blog. You can write about everything: everyday things, thoughts, news. But still try to stick to 1-2 topics.<br />
    Make a portrait of your reader. Who is this man / woman? What age What does he do? What is watching and reading? As much as possible describe the person for whom you write texts.

    Now choose a name that your audience understands. Add keywords for which readers will find you.

    2. Choose a hosting for the blog and register a domain<br />
    A domain name is the name of your blog in English (you can take only the basic words) and the extension .com, .net, .org, etc. Every year their number increases, added a lot of case, such as .academy, .agency, .bar, .blackfriday, .boutique, .business, .cafe, .city, .clothing, .coach, .coffee etc .

    Select several options and check if the domain is free. If the desired name is already taken by someone, try a different extension or title.

    Web hosting is the file storage on which your site is hosted. Sometimes when you pay for hosting, you get a domain name as a gift. In the first year.

    When choosing a hosting, pay attention to:

    page loading speed;<br />
    availability of automatic blog backup (the more often, the better);<br />
    technical support responsiveness;<br />
    safety.<br />
    Remember that you need to pay for the domain and hosting constantly, most often once a year. Therefore, be sure to include these amounts in your budget. And put a reminder on the date of the next payment. The fact is that if you do not pay the next period before the expiration of the domain name, anyone can take your name. A late payment for hosting may cost you the whole site. It will simply be deleted.

    3. Choose a platform and set up a blog<br />
    Where can I blog? On popular CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Apart from, you can also use custom affiliate cms

    Most authors choose WordPress. Among the main advantages:

    Simplicity and ease of setup – you start work immediately, without lengthy study of the instructions for use (unlike Drupal, which I still did not understand).<br />
    Tons of free templates and plugins to personalize your blog.<br />
    A support forum that will help solve almost any issue, and a ton of articles on setting up certain functions.<br />
    Constantly updating the platform and increasing its security against hacker attacks.<br />
    Focusing primarily on blogging.<br />
    The blog setup includes:

    change the design of the blog;<br />
    Add and configure plugins.<br />
    Details on how to do this on WordPress, I described in the article “How to start a business on the Internet . “

    4. Write and publish your first post<br />
    It’s time to fill your blog with quality content.

    For this:

    select the topic you want to expand;<br />
    study materials online if you are not writing from your own experience;<br />
    structure the article – a list of key points;<br />
    open each of them;<br />
    add a post to the site, place it in the console and publish.

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