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    While i agree it can be ok and fun and all that but my honest opinion runescape gold is that when a company expands beyond just a group of friends it has to become professional. I run a small business with 7 8 employees and even though i grew up with a couple of them and could do that shit with each other i dont for 3 reasons. The first being im their employer and the second that its my livelihood and finally its not easy to tell your boss to let up, better to avoid to situation altogether

    This is taken a step further when you realize some healers simply do not have the healing output to keep a team up even through poke damage. Its a fine balance. 2 main heals means no defensive ult and competing for ult charge. 2 off healers and now its harder to keep the team up.

    If you are actually sick and tired of being milked, of OP MTX promos, constant MTX promos, having it pushed in your face, flashing intrusive cosmetics made solely for sales, stale/unfinished/lacking game content constantly, etc all to the point where you are no longer having a more enjoyable experience than not then you should do yourself a massive favor and take a break. Try out a new game. Go out with friends. Try out a new hobby or re focus on an old one. Go have fun outside this game. Maybe you want to come back, maybe you won But if you actually not having fun you need to try something else.

    He went further than whats typically since it also says the low comp group esitmates were above what they were but below what the high comp people estimated.DaveS1551 25 points submitted 11 months agoPrometheans were made by the Forerunners (the same aliens that made the Halo rings and the sentinels from Halo 1) to fight the flood.

    19 fundraisers coming your way, including Derby Day at a ‘Great Gatsby style’ mansion 19 fundraisers coming your way, including Derby Day at a ‘Great Gatsby style’ mansion Party on Derby Day, walk your dog for cancer awareness, taste food and drinks for Simpson Public Library: 19 fundraisers worth your time

    All of this aside, I like for EW5 to finish it. Maybe show that for all his brilliance, Virtuvious wasn able to master things like Herblore, Summoning, Farming, etc. Maybe he didn save the apprentice. Maybe we get to solve the puzzle of how to help the apprentice (Vitruvious was elderly by the time he was working on the Workshop). Or maybe we can see a slew of simpler puzzles, showing that Vitruvious needed to be way more pragmatic in how he solved his problems of tapping into the power of the metals. Maybe he could never figure out how to make use of a Nature or Astral Bar, and he stopped research on them to continue further up the runic chain . but again we can solve how to use them.

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