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    The top five markets India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, were all Asian buy runescape gold nations, YouTube Asia Pacific regional director Ajay Vidyasagar told CNBC. This result is based on how long users spend watching videos on the site. All of the markets have year on year growth levels that are very high double digits, or, in some cases, triple digits annual growth, Vidyasagar said. “Mobile consumption, actually, really started showing up as a game changer from this region,” he said. Vietnamese spend around seven hours a day online, of which 2.5 hours on average are spent on social media. YouTube is the second most accessed site in the country with a user ratio of 59 percent, behind Facebook at 61 percent, according to a 2018 report by We Are Social. 73 percent of the population uses mobile phones, on which 42 percent use smartphones and 50 million people use mobile social media, according to a report by Vietnamese digital advertising firm Adsota earlier this year. global investors, vietnam youtube, citigroup global markets asia limited, reuters global markets, citigroup global markets inc, global market, citigroup global markets limited, global markets definition, sapient global markets, four p s of marketing, globales marketing definition, automated youtube marketing, market return s 500, market return on s 500, s 500 market return, investing in vietnam stock market, emerging global markets, spinnaker global emerging markets fund, global emerging market fund, global marketing communications, global enterprise marketing, Vietnam, Vietnamese, YouTube, Google, technology, social media, video, market

    Iran has interests in Iraq, but there are definite limits to its influence. Iraq’s Shia don’t need a pep talk about the dangers posed by the Persian Shia. It is instructive to recall that the hated Saddam fought an eight year brutal and bloody war of attrition against Iran with an army that was 80 percent Arab Shia. True, the Iraqis would like a peaceful relationship with their Iranian neighbor. But they have no interest in falling under their influence. They know the Iranians very well.

    Combat is smooth but highly simplistic thus far and doesn really reward you except with crafting material drops. There no experience points or character level; the only way to power up is by acquiring progressively better recipes for armor and weapons or eating a seed of life to raise your HP. There no special moves/spells apart from a spin move that you can charge by holding the button (similar to Zelda), which can be used for combat or gathering. There no locking onto enemies or blocking/dodging mechanics, so it hard to avoid taking damage; you can see when enemies are charging an attack, however, so you able to strategically retreat. There are some instanced battles, too, where waves of enemies attack your settlement and you can set up defenses and traps to hamper them, which definitely adds an interesting element.


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