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    That was my thought and I spent hours upon hours clearing landmarks. Didn get it. Also osrs gold have everything required for Liberty except for the D50 which also refuses to drop for me. I eventually thought “wait wtf am I doing I not going through all of this for an UPGRADE” and said fuck it.

    2: You cannot possibly tell him to not justify (aka, his dislike) but still say that he can still justify his opinion. It IS his opinion that he dislikes teamsamurai. You doing an awful job trying to cover for yourself by making nonsense claims, making silly distinctions, and being nitpicky with your own words.

    It means that you didn’t do anything wrong, it was his state of mind that caused him to leave you not what you were or were not doing. It’s natural to try and blame yourself, find some reason as to why it is your fault, but sometimes it just isn’t, and events are outside your control. It’ll be hard, but try and accept that and move past it. All the best Read More

    Eventhoughtscan be destructive, especially because they are inadvertently reflected in our attitudes and behaviors. For instance, you will become withdrawn and critical during an argument when you’re thinking toxic thoughts. The other person’s negativity feeds off yours, and vice versa, and before you know it you’ve probably both said or done regrettable things. You focus on what is WRONG with your partner and forget what is RIGHT.

    The interest in the survey work started up in Camden Sound, just recording the, the numbers of whales up there, and also trying to get an idea about their natural behaviour. Basically we found that it was a major area and congregation area for the whales, and in particular the cows and calves. Breeding group D is now considered to be the largest single population of humpback whales in the world.

    So to resolve my dilemma I got a gym membership to a gym right across the street from my dispensary, and began “working out” as cover. So I would tell my parents I would be going to the gym, but really just be picking up/smoking. The only issue was that it took me maybe 5 10 minutes to smoke, which could never pass as a full workout. So I actually started working out before I smoked, to kill time. At the time I was the laziest, undisciplined piece of shit degenerate, so it was a real effort to actually work out. However, the more I did my routine, the more I started to like it and accept this as part of my daily life. Fast forward a year and a half and I was going to the gym 7 days a week for 1hr workouts each day (and smoking right after). This became ingrained as part of my life and I’ve been lifting ever since, regardless of whether I’m smoking or not.

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