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The Market for Connected Trackers is on the Rise!

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    Sales of connected objects are on the rise, particularly connected watches and connected bracelets!

    But we no longer sell the same connected bracelets as before. Now make way for smart connected wristbands that can use your phone or its applications to provide you with even more details and functions.

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    It was the analyst firm IDC who revealed that sales in the third quarter of 2017 (i.e. July to September) were up 7.3% compared to the same period last year .

    IDC puts this improvement on the background of a growing trend in bracelets and smart watches. If you’re wondering what a smart bracelet is, IDC defines it as a device capable of running third-party applications on your phone. We are talking about connected watches like the Apple Watch Series 3 , the Fitbit Ionic or even the Gear Fit 2 Pro , the hybrid tracker from Samsung.

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    As smart bracelets become more and more important , sales of basic bracelets, which do not run third-party applications, are declining. It is not the first time that we have heard that this is the case. Already at the start of the year, this feeling was present.<br />
    The Garmin company also reported it a few months ago, when the Vivosmart 3 , Vivomove HR and Vivosport were launched, the company told us that it was seeing a drop in sales of its more basic devices.

    “Basic connected bracelets have helped establish the market for connected bracelets,” said Ramon T. Llamas, research manager for the IDC connected bracelets team. “But as tastes and demands have shifted to versatile devices – like smart watches from Apple, Fossil and Samsung – suppliers find themselves at a crossroads to adapt accordingly to seize the growth opportunities of tomorrow . “

    Concretely, some progress has been made since the release of the first connected bracelets ! They are becoming more and more intelligent and connected.

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    IDC also points to the change in the types of places where smart bracelets are sold as another reason why smart bracelets are gaining ground. Indeed, for some time, luxury and fashion brands including Fossil and Movado for example, have offered bracelets in their stores. There are also bracelets from major jewelers.

    While basic connected wristbands are losing momentum, IDC’s latest deliveries, market share and year-over-year growth for the third quarter of 2017 puts Xiaomi on par with Fitbit. Xiaomi is of course known for its Mi Band fitness trackers which do not offer support for downloading apps. In third place you will find Apple with the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 3 Interestingly, Huawei is in fourth place in this top five and Garmin, in fifth position, experienced a decline from one year to the next despite the launch of a number of devices this year. Interestingly, there is no mention of Samsung in this top five…

    So, this is good news for smart connected bracelets and with a busy Christmas period ahead, I would not be very surprised if these sales figures accelerate further

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