History of fishing

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Since ancient times man has always sought to settle down in the banks of rivers and lakes. That is why fishing and procuring of other seafood were the most important ways of survival for ancient man. We know little about how people fished in ancient times probably at first they did it simply by their hands then step by step they have discovered more productive ways of fishing.
Scientist don’t know what has man used for fishing in Stone age but archeological finds show that in New Stone age man already knew about such kind of fishing tools as fish spear, fish gigs, simple hangers made of bone, stone wood. It is quite possible that the first fishing tools were fishing spears which was a timber with sharpened top and with cogged bone limb and it was used for fishing in not deep water. In other places they used different kinds of traps such as toils made of grape sprigs and fences attached with poles. Such traps are still used in some places.

Scientists don’t certainly know what methods used man for fishing 40 000 years before us, but after excavation results they came into conclusion that in later period man mainly used these three kinds of traps for fishing. These are spears, which were mainly used in not deep rivers, lakes and oceans for hunting sea-calfs. In places rich with fish they used woven nets and different traps. The third and probably the most interesting type for nowadays fishers are hangers. There is no certain facts about when and where were such kind of hangers used.Probably they were used in Southern Europe 30 000 years before us. These hangers were probably attached to thread which was made of muscles of animals, firm plants and roots, and hangers were made of bones and there is a speculation that they also made hungers from wood. They attached different worms, mollusks little fish to hangers. Ancient fishing tools made of bone were used in Northern Europe 8000 years ago.
Gradually man tribes began to lead a sedentary lifestarted keeping animals, to cultivating crops and eventuallyfishing began to loose its role as an important source for getting food. However man couldn’t breed fish in the houses for a long time, that is why fishing couldn’t be fully thrown away from everyday life and became a simplyamateurthing. Certainly the fishing tools were being developed. In ancient Egyptian wall paintings we can already see a big scene devoted to fishing, where is shown how ancient Egyptians fished using nets and fishhooks.

Development of fishing
Judging by all the findings during the archeological excavations, the art of fishing by hangers changed 7000 years ago. They have found crusted inflatable hassocks, which were used for fishing with hangers, We can see in Egyptian wall paintings how ancient man began to fish with poles, in the top of which they attached hook line and hanger. It is the first evidence that ancient man already used fishhooks in fishing. In ancient Egypt people fished not only for feeding but also just for fun. Plutarch describes fishing competitions were Antonios and Cleopatra participated.
Greek Gods also weren’t indifferent towards fishing. In the wall paintings of one of the houses of Pompey Venus and Amur were depictedwith fishhooks. In Egypt was found a picture were is depicted a screen of fishing with hooks, which dates back to third millennium B.C.

In 300 B.C Teokritos wrote the first literary work about fishing with hooks. He told about the cheating bait which was attached to the top of the hook. By this work we can suppose that people fished for fun first in ancient Greece. Approximately at 200 B.C in China the sport fishing was so developed that they began to use silk hook lines and metallic hangers. In the same time Macedonian fishers used artificial baits made of hair and feather. Such kind of plunging hungers were more like drills then to hangers and they were as productive as the ones we use now. These people were quite progressed, we can see it not only by their culture but also by the fact that such kind of hungers were used in Europe 300 years later in the middle of Iron age.
At first for making hangers they used not a wire as it is common now, but a metallic needles. In the writings of Chinese emperorTszingu it was described how they made hangers from needle and the process of making it was also described. Since XVIIcentury in England they also began to use metallic needles. Producing of needles and hangers was combined in many counties such as Russia. This tradition continues till our days. Since the end of XIXcentury mostly Norway provided fishing hangers to all the world, which gave up its role to Japan and some other countries after the World War II.
Since the end ofXIX centuries for making hook lines they began to use hair of stallions, which were knit and then connected to each other. In Europe the first descriptions of silk hook line dates back to 1882. Flax, hemp, cotton yearn and artificial silk hook lines came to replace silk hook lines, the usage of which remained till the middle of the age.
The creation of polyamide and polyether synthetic fibers made a revolution in the history of fishing. They began to make hook lines from the fiber, which was a firmer and flexible polymer.

After World War II a new substance fiberglass appeared, which is a mixture of polymer and fiberglass. This substance began to be used by A. Howald, who was American and used the substance inAircraft building, it was very flexible and firm and very convenient for making hook lines. In the end of 70’s a new technology of making hook lines appeared in the history of fishing. They were the hook lines which are used in contemporary fishing. This substance is very light and you can make longer hook line more then 10-12 meters and also it was firmer.

Катушки для намотки лески появились в Китае примерно тысячу лет назад, а пропускные кольца с «тюльпаном» устанавливались на удилищах с начала XVIII в. (Англия и США).

Europian first fishingreel had a very big shape their diameter is approximately 30cm and was made of wood at first and then they became to use metals and plastics. The making of common reels developed for fly fishing in the end of XIX century. Later a fly fishing reel appeared in the history of fishing.
The reels without inertia were made by English textile owner Holden Illinneworth in 1905. However it was widely used only since 1940 in England and since 1947 in the USA , also it was a basis of comparison of telescopic fishing poles and running snap.
Animator fishing reels were made at the end of XVIII century and were developed by the watchmakers Gorge Snayder and Gonathan Stinom. Spoon shaped spinners were used since the middle ages and mostly in Northern Italy , spineless hooks were spread in 1906. Later revolving hooks appeared.
The creation of new fishing tools leads to the development of fishing technology. And the literature about fishing helped a lot to achieve it.

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    History of fishing

    Since ancient times man has always sought to settle down in the banks of rivers and lakes....