How to choose the first gun
(Brief and informative advice)

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How to choose the first gun
(Brief and informative advice) Info 08.11.2018

Need to buy a good gun, gradually get used to it and become a professional.

If you entered the interesting hunting world, then while choosing a gun these brief and informative tips will have a positive effect on you. After getting used to the weapons, which makes it possible to become a cautious hunter, you can think about buying other models.
Positive qualities of semi-automatic rifles:
– Weak repulsion;
– Changing barrels;
– Quick shooting;
– It will justify itself when hunting for birds, as instead of one you can wound more birds;
– You can install optical and collimator sights on it;
– It can save your life when hunting large predators, when the wounded animal continues to run directly to you, in this case, another shot will not be odd.
The positive qualities of the double-barrel rifle:

– It can be easily partially disassembled and transferred;
– The barrel can be easily cleaned of snow, water;
– It is easy to charge and recharge;
– You can use different types of cartridges.
Important tips:
– Before buying hunting weapons, you can get information through the Internet from sales consultants and skillful hunter. Of course, all advice should be approached with some reservations. Then, it is preferable to go hunting several times with friends. During such hunts, you will co-orient yourself, and your preferences will appear.
– Give preference to new weapons.
– Be sure to tune your weapons to your body. Currently, there are many workshops that will do this work.

Remember: when a hunter knows how his gun shots, hunting becomes safer and more effective.

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