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E-Motion Boats

⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅ E-Motion Boats Electric boats for 2-3 people. Driven by 2 noiseless motors with a total capacity to 0.92 HP with stainless steel protection. Eq […]

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E-Motion Boats

⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅ E-Motion Boats Электрические лодки на 2-3 человека. Приводятся в движение 2 бесшумными электродвигателями суммарной мощностью до 0,92 л.с. с за […]

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Handforge saber

Hand-made infantry saber, Materials: Steel 65 g and iron 3 Materials of the handle: wood (ash) and leather Length 630 mm Cutting length: 530 mm […]

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One nice madium survaival knife handforge

An average survival knife made in my workshop, made of steel u10 and wooden handle (ash) with a brownish finish treated with linen oil to […]

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Medium hunting knife

That is one medium handmade blade from a 440 steel , with handle make out of (bakilit)polimer with black finish,the knife had to lether sheat […]

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Custom Handmade Twist Damascus Steel Hunting Bowie Knife

Limited Stock Fresh Ready ( Just One Available ) Custom Handmade Twist Damascus Steel Hunting Knife Overall Length 13 Inches and Handle Made Of Exotic […]

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D2 steel handmade Real Antler Knife

It is natural handmade and it’s custom free Engraving on metal also available comes with a handmade leather sheath

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twin (2)


Hovercraft for hunting, fishing, ice fishing, search and rescue.

TwinSUPREME hovercraft model build by MAD Hovercraft is a 3 person hovercraft designed with simplicity and high weight-to-power ratio in mind – […]

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