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62 Pcs Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

62 Pcs Universal Gun Cleaning Kit - Изображение162 Pcs Universal Gun Cleaning Kit - Изображение262 Pcs Universal Gun Cleaning Kit - Изображение362 Pcs Universal Gun Cleaning Kit - Изображение4
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Item No 10Phon CKT-02
Qty of bronze bore brushes 14
Qty of spear-point bore jags 12
Qty of bore mops 9
Qty of brass rods 6
Case size 40x26x5.5cm / 15.7×10.2×2.2 inch
Weight 1.3kg / 42.3oz
This durable case can be used to clean all types of shotguns, rifles and pistol
All the accessories you need to clean your guns are in this case
The box is marked with the scale and can be placed back in the correct position after use
Every gun cleaning accessory you need is placed, it also provides 2 spaces for you to place the cleaning oil and solvent
Carry handle designed plastic case that you can take it with you wherever you go

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