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come to purchase all kind knives , swords, axes.

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  • Телефон: 00923117625748
  • Страна: Пакистан
  • Город (округ): Wazirabad
  • Размещено: 13.04.2018 17:20
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I makes all kind swords, all kind design knives, Daggers, all kind Axes, butcher knives, Cleavers, Chopper, kitchen knives and cutlery ware, razors, Hunting Knives in the material of your’s choice, for a long time. I can make any kind of knives in any type of materials. I am manufacturer and Exporter of all handmade Damascus steel, carbon steel, stainless steel D2 steel, 440c steel, J2 steel etc, knives, axes, swords, arrowheads, etc in handle we use wood, bone, horn etc …… I am based in Pakistan.I have my own manufacturer factory. I can make your own designs Past and Present Export Sports products hard balls, footballs etc. Excellent 1095 Damascus steel materials use … All products at reasonable prices. I am Professionally Blacksmith and by Occupation. I am in search of knives’ lovers. If you contact me then it will honorable for me that i’ll work with you.
Thank you for giving me your precious and worthy time.
Manufacturers of high quality hunting and kitchen knives and all types knives swords axe in damascus and stainless steel.We offer competitive prices and quickest worldwide delivery. GOD Bless You


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