ASTUR SHORT Silencer for AR 15 .223 Rem 1/2х28 TPI

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ASTUR SHORT is the next generation of proven ASTUR silencers for the AR-15 series carbines in 223Rem, 5,56×45 and other rifles with thread 1/2х28 TPI (Bushmaster ACR, XM-15, Colt M4, ArmaLite M15, Daniel Defense, DPMS, FN SCAR, Norinco CQ-A, Schmeisser AR15 M5, HK416)
The new device has significantly reduced size and weight, but keeping perfect performance and noise reduction level. Compact size of ASTUR SHORT increases maneuverability of rifle and usage reliability.
The classical straight-through seven-chamber design with an original preliminary gas dissipation system of our silencer allows to achieve maximum levels of sound suppression.
The noise reduction level of ASTUR SHORT suppressor is up to 26dB – 29dB. That sounds 55-65% lower than regular gunshot without silencer. Also use of our silencer allows to completely hide muzzle flash.

The ASTUR SHORT is intended mainly for use by civilian shooters (sport, hunting),
and is not intended for use in full-auto mode. It is perfect for single firing mode (even very fast single firing). Suppressor does not affect the accuracy of the carbine and makes the shooting comfortable.

High-quality materials, careful processing of all parts of the device, and durable coating will ensure its reliable operation for a long time.
We provide one year (or 2000 shots) guarantee for our products.
Additionaly, ASTUR silencers are easily to disassemble using our special key. So they may be serviced as necessary.

— Compact size
— Sound reduction: 26 dB (dry)
— Weight: 500g
— Length: 180mm
— Mounting: 1/2х28 TPI
— Easy to disassemble/cleaning

Service instructions:
The device does not require special maintenance. If needed it can be disassembled using special key and cleaned. We do not recommend to use aggressive cleaners. Neutral gun oil will be perfect.
It is important to not allow moisture to accumulate inside. If you are using our suppressor when it is raining, in fog or sharp temperature changes, we recommend to dry it out. It can be purged with an air compressor, for example.

223 Rem (5,56х45)
Thread type:
1/2х28 TPI
Compatible guns:
AR 15 series (Bushmaster ACR, XM-15, Colt M4, ArmaLite M15, Daniel Defense, DPMS, FN SCAR, Norinco CQ-A, Schmeisser AR15 M5, HK416)
Build materials: D16T aluminum, stainless steel:
Weight and size:
500g., length — 180mm., D — 47mm.

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