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Columbia 300 Chaos Black Bowling Ball – The Best Bowling Ball for Slow Bowlers

Columbia 300 Chaos Black Bowling Ball – The Best Bowling Ball for Slow Bowlers - Изображение1
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Technical Details of Product:

Brand Name ‎Columbia 300
Model Name ‎Columbia 300 Chaos Black
Item Dimensions L x W x H ‎8.7 x 8.5 x 8.45 inches
Weight ‎6.8 Kilograms
Part Number ‎SMCHAOSB15
Size ‎15
Product Description:

We absolutely adore this extremely spooky yet wonderful looking bowling ball made by the brand Columbia 300.

This sleek black bowling bowl is adorned with a brilliant red emblem in the center. This premium bowling ball has an extremely low RG rate of only 2.48 and a flawless scale rate of 212.7.

This fantastic-looking bowling ball features a symmetric Chaos core. In addition, the bowling ball has an Exciter Solid Reactive cover-stock. The cover-stock is treated with 500/1000 Abralon and polished with a powerful factory finish.

You’ll be pleased to learn that the cover-stock includes a trademarked Savage line, which is ideal for medium to moderately oiled alleys. This assures that the bowling ball will travel a great distance before wreaking havoc on the pocket!

This Chaos Black bowling ball has been redesigned with a Skid/flip breakpoint form and a difference rate of 0.054. This bowling ball has a moderate flare potential.

This right-handed bowling ball appears to perform very neatly all the way down the lane and is also excellent at ensuring that no pin remains in the pocket thereafter!

You’ll be happy to know that many customers said that this bowling ball is very easy to control and move, thus it’s highly suggested for players trying their hand for the first time.

Suggest: best bowling ball for dry lanes

If you want bowling balls with better friction control than speed, we highly recommend the Chaos Black, which works extremely well in finding the appropriate motion after gaining friction on the lane. You will not be disappointed with this fantastic product!


Built to be strong and long-lasting.
This bowling ball performs admirably on mild to heavily greased lanes.
After gaining friction, the bowling ball can provide a lot of motion.
Purchase that is inexpensive
The body of this bowling ball has a sleek and simple style.

Not suitable for fast bowlers.

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