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Mega Lures

Handcrafted Crankbait Freshwater Fishing Tackle

These guys are supplied with hooks, they swim perfectly and are just a sweet candy to all the fish out there. So all you need to do is chuck them in the water and get that Giant OUT!!! Easy!!!


-Best for bass, muskie, pike


-Deep Diver

-Excellent swimming action

-28cm long body and apprx 170g with hooks

-Airbrushed with florescent, pearl color

-Impact, UV, and chemical resistant high gloss epoxy resin top double layer coats

-Hand painted glass 3D eyes

-Strong wood body

-Supplied and working best with treble hooks 5/0 for fresh water

Every lure that comes out of our workshop has been hand painted with no patterns, pure out of hand art, therefore each one is unique and there cannot be two of the same kind.

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