GREEN Tourniquet Pouch, With Trauma Shears and Rapid One Handed Tourniquet.

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We ship everywhere. Yes, Everywhere. Wherever you are in the world, we will ship to you if possible. Plus, you can go to our Ebay and Facebook Store and use their shipping and guarantees.

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This is for the combo set of all 3 items: A GREEN Tourniquet Pouch, a Rapid One Hand Application Tourniquet, and a 7.5 inch pair of Trauma Shears.

Go ahead and price out everything separately or even look at generic combo packs. You will find that just this tourniquet pouch costs on average $9 to $12, and goes as high as $22. Then start adding in your 7.5″ Trauma Shears, and Tourniquet…. You can look around at the cheapest places, here, Amazon, etc, and you will see that tourniquet sets are upwards of $30. You will find out pretty quick that I am very reasonable for this set. I truly believe that first aid is that important, that I will take smaller profit to put more of these items in peoples hands. (look at our store page and you will see that we sell our tourniquets at only $5 in hopes that more people will buy these first aid products and keep them in more places).

Everyone should have at least 1 tourniquet set in their home, car, job or office, battle belt, and plate carrier at a minimum. You never know when an accident happens and either you or someone around you gets cut pretty bad and needs to get to an emergency room fast. People always mistake tourniquets for gunshot wounds, or on the battlefield. But, that simply is not always the case. Accidents can happen at a moments notice, and it can happen from a slip of a knife in the kitchen, accident using power tools or hand held tools, working on your automobile, etc…. The point is that you should always be prepared for an accident. This is first aid equipment that is simply too cheap to not have multiple places to keep these in…..

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