High power jammer and Mini jammer

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The Application field of high power jammer
It is really a dangerous phenomenon that the important information of your company is letting out by someone through the mobile phone and cause a great loss. And it is also an annoy thing when you are having an important meeting but someone’s mobile phone suddenly ring. In order to solve the problem the High Power Jammer is invented.

It can be used indoors, for example to block the cell phone signal in the churches, museums, movie theatres and other crowded places where the usage of mobile phone is prohibited. You can also use this jammer during the important conference in a meeting room to avoid the leakage of secure information. This unit will be irreplaceable in places where it is extremely important to keep the silence – in classrooms during the exams, courts, hospitals, banks, recording studios etc.

The High Power Jammer owns strong ability in blocking the signals of different frequencies at the same time or separately. Besides different High Power Jammers has different application areas, some of them are designed for bomb disposal and VIP protection during battle and security safeguard. While others are designed for Police convoys and so on. What’s more, some of them even have waterproof and shockproof function, which can be used in harsh condition.

Small Size Portable Jammers
Portable performance has always been an important criterion for measuring electronic equipment. Mini jammer is always a very popular kind of jammer. This type of products are adhering to the small and exquisite design concept, has a very strong portable performance. Can be easily into the pocket, handbags, backpacks and other places,A jammer that you can use anytime, anywhere.
The size of the mini jammer is very small. Due to its very small size and portable design, it can be hidden almost anywhere. The effective radius of signal interference is up to 5 meters. It is convenient to carry and avoid being tracked by GPS trackers. It protects your privacy mobilely.

For more information about jammers, you can browse the website, there are professional various jammer product consultation and news, of course, if you really need to use jammers, you can also buy it here and get it.

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