Medieval Axe, Viking Axe, Hand Forged Axe, With Leather Cover

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Medieval Axe, Viking Axe, Hand Forged Axe, With Leather Cover

• Handle material: Wood; Blade material: Carbon steel
• Length: 39.39 inches

Length of a handle: 1 m (39.39″)

Color: axe head — painted in black and covered by bronze patina, handle — brown, partially burnt (aged), nicely carved handle

Restrictions & Precautions: We do not deliver to those who are under 18. Please use our products very carefully because our products are very sharp. Please put coconut oil on blade after use (if damascus steel), due to the carbon content of the blades, they will need to be regularly oiled to maintain their superior quality for the lifetime of the knife..
Compensations: Please contact us before leaving negative review. We will resolve your issue through proper Channel. We are always there for any query feel free to contact us.
Custom Orders: We make custom orders, you are very welcome if you want and customized Knife, Sword, Axe, Cleaver, Machete etc.

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