Powertrac Euro 439 Loadmaxx Tractor

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Powertrac tractors are heavy-duty tractors that can handle industrial and agricultural tasks. The Powertrac Euro 439 Loadmaxx tractor is a reliable, high-performing tractor and a popular choice for industrial and farming operations. The Powertrac 439 tractor price starts from INR 7.59 lakh to INR 7.72 lakh in India.
Powertrac Euro 439 Loadmaxx specification and key points are given below-
Powertrac Euro 439 Loadmaxx tractor comes with a powerful engine that ensures optimal performance. This tractor is equipped with a 3-cylinder, 2339 CC engine that delivered great maximum power of 42 HP. The engine is designed to deliver excellent torque and power, enabling the tractor to handle heavy loads and challenging terrains easily.
The Powertrac Euro 439 Loadmaxx tractor offers a reliable transmission system that enhances its efficiency. It is equipped with a constant mesh gearbox that has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, and a side sift gear leaver to provide ease to smooth and reliable transmission. The tractor has a maximum forward speed of 36.1 km/h.
Hydraulics: and
This tractor is equipped with a robust hydraulic system that has a maximum lifting capacity of 1600 kg. it’s suitable for a wide range of implements and attachments.
Powertrac Euro 439 Loadmaxx tractor provides the necessary power to the attachments and versatility. The tractor has a 540 RPM PTO allowing for easy attachment and power output for implements.
Powertrac Euro 439
Loadmaxx tractor comes with oil-immersed disc brakes that provide excellent braking and better grip over the road.
Fuel Tank:
Powertrac Euro 439
Loadmaxx has a fuel tank capacity of 50 litres, which is sufficient fuel capacity for long hours of operation without worry about fuel.
Powertrac Euro 439 Loadmaxx tractor has a single clutch that provides good and reliable transmission.
It comes with a mechanical or power steering option that provides a great driving experience.
It comes with an ergonomic design and a comfortable, and adjustable seat that reduce fatigue during long working hours.
The Powertrac Euro 439
Loadmaxx tractor has an overall length of 3270 mm and a width of 1750 mm. It has a wheelbase of 2010 mm and a ground clearance of — mm. These dimensions make the tractor suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
Weight: The weight of the tractor is 1850 kg, which makes it stable in the fields.
The Powertrac Euro 439
Loadmaxx comes with a long time 5 years or 5000 hours of warranty.

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