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RFI7128 Typical Applications

High Performance Wideband Frequency Extender
Compatible with National Instruments PXIe-564xR and PXIe-584x
Microwave and mmWave Signal Generation
Wideband Multi Emitter Scenario Generation for Communication Emitters
Low Overhead Signal Source for Time Multiplexed Waveform Generation
High Dwell Frequency Hopping Network
High Agility RADAR Emitter Simulation
High Agility Wideband RADAR Target Echo Generator (when combined with Downconverter)


Wideband Tunable frequency converter from IF to 0.05 to 40GHz frequency range
Onboard High Precision, extremely low distortion LO sources
More than 1 GHz instantaneous bandwidth
Interfaces directly with National Instruments Vector Signal Transceivers (VST) or any other Signal Generator.
Programmable attenuation 120 dB with 0.25dB Step transmit
LO and Attenuator switching time < 350 ns
Phase control with each data word with < 350 ns settling time.
End-End Frequency/ Amplitude Shift time < 400ns
USB, TCP/IP and High Speed DIO control
Low spurious and harmonics
Form Factor – 2U 19” Rack Mountable


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