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First and foremost. It has a hint and a noticeable effect. There are many mountaineering enthusiasts, but their hobbies are very dangerous. There are people who often step off and fall, but it is difficult to find people who are falling because of the cliffs. Although it is a professional rescue team, it is difficult to find a person who has fallen accurately in such a terrain. Those who fall at this time will use a laser to tell their position. Earthquakes often occur in Japan. When a big earthquake strikes, many homes collapse and many are crushed into ruins. As I often see in the news, many people have died because they have not been found. If you have a laser pen, you can shoot through a small gap and know that it is buried underneath. The chances of rescue are greatly increased.

The second advantage is that you can point to something that is out of your reach. Especially often used in classrooms and meetings. The teacher does not have to walk. Pointing out the contents of the blackboard with a laser has the effect of paying attention to the students. At meetings, the green laser is especially noticeable, so always focus your attention. I’m commanding at the factory, but I can’t enter because there is a danger zone. Long-distance marking can be done using a laser. Astronomy enthusiasts can also use the laser. At night, when we introduce constellations and stars in the heavens, we always point to the wrong things, so many people don’t know which star they are. The laser is different. The laser uses a very long range. Starry sky observation Laser pointers can be used to accurately represent stars and constellations.

The third advantage is the purpose of most use. People in cities and rural areas are often attacked by crows. The laser can effectively repel crows.

The fourth advantage, as many cat lovers know, is to play with cats with a laser pen. Cats are a curious creature, and they keep shaking even when they are held in their hands, so they are attracting the attention of cats. Be careful not to hurt your pet when using the laser. Keep it out of the eyes of pets. Do not illuminate the glass or mirror.
I believe the last advantage is that many young people have used it. The world’s strongest laser pointer can change heads. You can swap many heads to illuminate the design. Looks very gorgeous at night


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