Signal jammers provide a fair test environment

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In many countries, there are no clear legal regulations for mobile phone jammers, but for our use, we also need to understand related issues that need to be paid attention to, including equipment performance protection and avoidance of use. Use the signal because it is blocked. The device can harm others, etc. Signal jammers are the most common of our mobile phone signal jammers. GPS satellite positioning jammers prohibit the use of mobile phones to avoid call harassment and prohibit mobile phone ringing. The other is to protect the location of the vehicle, avoid tracking, and protect location privacy.

Everyone is familiar with mobile phone signal jammers. They are also called cell phone jammers. Anyone taking the comprehensive exam can see them. They are placed at the entrance of the examination room. On the contrary, it is not a malicious blocking signal, it is a manifestation of maintaining fairness and providing people with a fair test environment. However, sometimes many people wonder whether this will affect the signal radiation of the base station, resulting in no signal in a certain area. This is the latest 2G 3G 4G mobile phone jammer kit. In addition to interfering with 4G LTE and 4G Wimax signals, the functions of CDMA, GSM, DCS and 3G signals should also be avoided. It is currently the most complete and powerful interference device. You can select the signal you want to block. It is yours. If you don’t want to block one or two frequency bands, you can turn it off, and then turn on other frequency bands.

8 Antenna Signal Jammers

At the same time, mobile phone jammers may still block signals in other frequency bands. Depending on the signal length of the mobile phone, the interference range may be as long as 15 meters. It has very good features! Beware of mobile phone jammers. Another advantage is that the car charger can be used in the car, which is more convenient. In addition, it has a cooling fan, so its operating temperature is not very high. If so, it can work regardless of whether it is hot in summer or cold in winter. In general, in terms of features, price and quality, this is a perfect cell phone jammer. If you are looking for such interfering devices, please take action at any time to add the appropriate cell phone jammer to your shopping cart.

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