The mobile phone jammer has a shielding effect on the entire signal

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Radio waves. If the jammer can emit interference waves of the frequency used by the mobile phone, it will interfere with the communication of the mobile phone, so we must prevent all mobile phone bells in the lobby from ringing. However, it cannot prevent alarms on mobile phones that do not require communication. For the same reason, similar effects can be expected in hospitals where patients need to rest quietly. In addition, when data centers need to strictly protect confidential information, communication with the outside world can be blocked to prevent information leakage. Nowadays, jammers are used more and more in life, study and work, but there are good and bad mobile phone jammers, and they are not the same type. Headquartered in a jammer specialty store, there are various jammers on the market, you can choose. With high quality, real management and reasonable price, customers can find the products they need here.

Good heat dissipation work 3G/4G phone jammer phone signal interference, information security product developers use modern high-tech communication mechanisms, detailed analysis, comprehensive comparison of electromagnetic radiation suppression methods, we have complete independent intellectual property rights, this is our scientific research . It can form a protective electromagnetic field around you because it effectively prevents cell phone leakage and eliminates noise pollution generated by cell phone jammers. Slow start circuit technology: soft start circuit can avoid the phenomenon of mechanical switches, highly integrated stable sparks. Without a long break, Small Jammer’s high-quality component equipment, metal, and good heat dissipation work can work for a long time 7×24 hours without damaging the performance of the equipment. Only the effective segment has no downlink interference and no machine frequency cut-off.

If the site is larger than the effective area of ​​the mask used, it is recommended to install multiple cell shields to ensure the shielding effect. The power supply, antenna, and host are specifically supported, so try not to use them interchangeably during pre-commissioning and debugging to ensure that the expected results are achieved. Mobile phone jammers strive to protect the internal components of accelerated aging equipment from corrosive gases and liquids, dust and moisture. When placed outdoors or in the wild, pay attention to the environment where destructive animals such as rats and ants are infested, and attach protective devices. The maintenance cover is a maintenance-free device and requires no maintenance. It is forbidden to use chemical solvents and water to avoid wiping the surface and cutting machine. If the protective cover is useful, it should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place with the GPS jammer to avoid long-term exposure to salt spray and harmful gases. This shield has a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Ultra-high-power jammer cell phone signal shielding interference, shielding the entire building.

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