The role and application of drone jamming gun

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As drone ownership continues to grow, it’s no wonder that you occasionally see drones flying where they shouldn’t be. Consider airports, stadiums, government facilities, etc. The impact is more serious.

Such rogue flights have spawned a brand-new industry, which develops together with the consumer drone market. The technology involved can help the authorities to quickly and safely remove quadcopters and other remote-controlled aircraft in a safe place.

The Australian company DroneShield first caught our attention in 2016. Its appearance is intimidating. It is an all-round shoulder-mounted device that blocks the signal between the rogue drone and its operator, making the drone slow Return to the ground.

The team released a more compact version called DroneGun Tactical.

Tactical is 56 inches long and has a smaller body, which is more portable than the earlier design (pictured below). The operator only needs to point the equipment at the drone and pull the trigger. This should interfere with the drone’s signal, causing the machine to automatically return to its owner, allowing the authorities to identify and question the pilot. If the drone must be put down as soon as possible, the signal blocker may interfere with the drone’s GPS system, forcing it to land in large numbers on the spot.

The drone jammer gun PJ-2458 provides an efficient countermeasure against various commercial civilian UAVs. It works by transmitting a radio frequency signal, which will interfere with the reception of the remote control signal on the drone, thereby disabling the remote control function. This prevents drones from flying in restricted airspace. The jammer is housed in a portable rugged housing, and its use does not require any technical training. Just turn it on and point to the drone!

When they reach the target, they can prompt the drone to land safely on the spot or return to the take-off point, and immediately switch the live video stream back to the operator. The original DroneGun can work on drones up to 1.3 miles (2 kilometers) long, while DroneGun Tactical packs the technology in a more compact package for easier carrying, but reduces the working range to less than 0.6 miles (1 km).

It uses a battery that can carry out unmanned blasting for one hour and is packed in a sturdy suitcase to provide protection. Due to the lack of FCC authorization, such as other DroneShield equipment, DroneGun MkIII cannot be purchased in any country (except government agencies) outside the United States.

Of course, drone jamming guns are also used in the military. Our military signal jammer is used to prevent RCIED explosions and to escort convoys, and to prevent VIP executives from being protected by creating electronic countermeasures.

These powerful and durable RF jammer kits are powerful anti-IED tools that have been deployed in many parts of the world and have a good record of preventing injuries and loss of life.

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