ZETACALCI «Tactical 01» stock for Remington Short Action

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Stock for Remington Short Action, matt black — high grip finiture. Complete of adjustable rubber recoil pad,adjustable cheeckpiece and screw for bipod fixing. ZetaCalci proposes single-block stocks in an innovative material, with technical features and
devices specifically created for long-range shooting gunstocks.
The union of this material with experience and passion has succeeded in creating very
high quality products, all of them hand-crafted and custom-made, with an extremely
precise research for the perfect fitting for each model.
Composite material with polyurethane resin as matrix, reinforced with short fibres.
Besides the guarantee represented by the Made-in- Italy trademark, ZetaCalci ensures quality. Free Shipping for all europe with express courier. Bipod of image is not includeed. Time to have it ready to ship 20 days.

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