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XP-Pen-a professional and reliable supplier of graphics tablets,pen display monitors, stylus pens and more digital graphical products.

In 2005, XP-Pen was founded in Japan and began its research and development of graphic tablets. By 2008, we had established an office in Taiwan and made great strides in tablet technology. In 2013, XP-Pen Technology Co. was founded in the United States and propelled us into the North American and European markets. With the goal of environmental friendliness, we began innovating with battery-free pen styluses. XP-Pen established our newest office in Shenzhen, China, in 2015 and have since vastly expanded our presence in the Asian market. Since its conception in 2005, XP-Pen has been dedicated to research, design, production, and marketing of digital tablets. Our team is committed to endless innovation with the goal of bringing every artist into the digital age with tools and technology to suit their individual needs. At XP-Pen, we believe that our products should adapt to the needs of our clients—not the other way around.

XP-Pen designs and manufactures its products under the strictest quality standards. Over the past 10 years, we have had great success in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Korea; our influence has recently spread into the UK, US, Germany, and other overseas markets as well. It is evident that our business philosophy is widely appreciated by artists all over the world.

At XP-Pen, we strive to allow artists to realize their full digital potential by pushing the limits of tablet technology in ways other companies do not.

xp-pen star g640s


XP-Pen G640S Graphics Drawing Tablet for OSU! with 6 Shortcut Keys and Batt...

Widely used in gameplay, specially OSU! , drawing, painting, sketching, e-signatures,Tracing, Craft Projects, Fabric Design and more. The drawing pen […]

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XP-PEN Artist12 11.6″ Graphics Drawing Tablet Monitor Pen Display

The anti-reflective coating greatly reduces glare to protect your eyes. Your screen will continue to look clear and beautiful, even if it’s brig […]

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