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Come join us in experiencing and preserving history. After all, Hisory is what inspires us! Ensuring high quality products at a very reasonable price is the hallmark of Huntsman Knives & Axes . We also offer the exclusivity in the form of Custom and purpose made products; designed and manufactured exclusively adhering to your Taste and style. Our product range is diversified; ranging from Knives, Daggers,Axe/Tomahawk and swords to the Ornaments and Accessories (Rings, pendants, Dog Tags) etc. ( All Hand Made ) Inspired by the Historical Significance of Damascus in the manufacturing of weaponry, the famous historical ‘Damascus Steel’ effect is an embellishment added to raise the aesthetic beauty of our products.Huntsman knives & axes was born out of a love for the historical collectibles. Based in the historical city of Wazirabad- The city famous and specialized in the production of collectibles- the company has the respect of the world in manufacturing and preserving the best quality antiques and collectibles of medieval ages. We have a history of manufacturing and distributing the High quality collectibles world wide as a fine piece of art and an emblem of history.Huntsman knives & Axes operates in the major regions of the world such as, South Asia, North America and Europe and, making our fine collection at the doorstep of the natives.


Huntsman Combat Hand made D2 Steel Blade W / Resin Handle with Brass Guard...

OAL=12″ Steel = D2 Huntsman Combat Hand made Brass Guard & Pommel Resin Handle Easy to Grip Sharp Reliable

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Custom Made Vikings GOD Thor’s hammer Hand Forged Damascus Steel

Hammer head Size = 2 3/4» ‘’ x 4 7/8» Rod Size = 12.00’’ [Cow Hide Leather Sheath For FREE] » DISCOUNTS » We offers […]

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This simple & beautiful Axe is made of 1095 steel mixed with 15N20 , forged hard to get 276 +layers . Blade is 5″ inches […]

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Huntsman Custom knives and axes

Come join us in experiencing and preserving history. After all, Hisory is what inspires us! Ensuring high quality products at a very reasonable price […]

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Damascus Knive

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Huntsman custom Damascus D2 J2 steel Bowie kukri hunting

A Beautiful Hand Made Damascus Steel knife with Cross sign is available for sale . overall length is 13′ Blade length is 7.8′ Handle lengt […]

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Huntsman Elegant ROse wood handle Damascus Knife

Over all length is 10 inches while 5.5 inches is blade length with damascus bloster and 4.5 is Handle . handle is made of ROse […]

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huntsman Beautiful Small AXE with 1095 steel and Hickory wood

its dimensions are being visible in photos , it weighs about 700 g without packing . its handle is made of WHITE HICKORY. it is […]

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