Top 5 Submachine Guns in the world Info 12.10.2021

1.Name: Heckler & Koch MP5

Country: Germany

Entered service: 1966

Caliber: 9×19mm Parabellum

Weight: 2.88kg

Length: 660mm

Muzzle velocity: 400m/s

Magazine capacity: 15 or 30rounds

2.Name: FN P90

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TOP 5 hunting cartridges 12 caliber Info 19.05.2020

1.Name: Brenneke
   Caliber: 12/70
   Muzzle velocity: 450m/s
   Diameter: 18.5mm
   Weight: 30-31.5g

2.Name: Takho
   Caliber: 12/70
   Muzzle velocity: 410m/s

TOP 5 Hunting Crossbows in the world Info 27.04.2020

1.Name: Barnett Jackal
   Brand: Barnett
   Model: 78404
   Speed: 98m/s


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