TOP 10 Private Military Companies in the world Info 30.12.2021

1.Name: Academi (until January 2010, known as Xe Services LLC, until February 2009, known as Blackwater)
   Founded: 1997
   Headquarters: North Carolina, U.S.

   Number of employees: about 21 000

2.Name: RSB-Group
   Founded: 2005
   Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
   Number of employees: up to 250

3.Name: G4S (formerly Group 4 Securicor)
   Founded: 1901, 2004 (in modern form)
   Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
   Number of employees: 570 000

4.Name: CACI International
   Founded: 1962
   Headquarters: Santa Monica, California, U.S.
   Number of employees: 20 000

   Founded: 1946
   Headquarters: McLean, Virginia, U.S.
   Number of employees: 14 000

6.Name: Alliedbarton
   Founded: 1957 (AlliedBarton), 1965 (Universal Protection)
   Headquarters: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and Santa Ana, California, U.S.
   Number of employees: 220 000

7.Name: Control risks
   Founded: 1975
   Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
   Number of employees: 3000

8.Name: Wagner Group
  Founded: 2013
  Headquarters: Russian
  Number of employees: In early 2016, Wagner had a membership of 1,000, which later rose to 5,000 by August 2017 and 6,000 by December 2017

9.Name: KBR
  Founded: 1901: M.W. Kellogg , 1940: Brown & Root, 1962: Halliburton, 2006: KBR,
  Headquarters: KBR Tower Houston, Texas, U.S.
  Number of employees: 37 500

10.Name: Oryol Anti-Terror
     Founded: 1998
     Headquarters: Russian
     Number of employees: –




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