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TOP 5 most expensive Aircraft Carriers in the World

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1.Name: USS Gerald R. Ford
   Country: US
   Entered service: 2017

   Length: 337m
   Beam: 78m
   Height: 76m
   Crew: 2500-2700 crew members, about 2480 air group members and about 70 staff

   Artillery: 4 x Plhalanx CIWS

   Missiles: 2 x ESSM launchers, 2 x RAM launchers

   Aviation group: 85 x fixed-wing, VSTOL aircraft, helicopters, UAVs

2.Name: Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Kuznetsov
   Country: Soviet Union
   Entered service: 1991
   Length: 306.45m
   Beam: 67m
   Height: 64.49m
   Crew: 1980 people, including -520 officers, 322 midshipmen, 1138 sailors

   Artillery: 6 × 6 AK-630 (48,000 shells)

   Missiles: 12 x VLS for SS-N-19 ‘Shipwreck’ SSMs, 24 x SA-N-9 ‘Gauntlet’ eight-round vertical SAM launchers with 192 missiles, 8 x combined gun/missile systems with    eight twin 30 mm Gatling guns and SA-N-11 ‘Grison’ missiles.

   Aviation group: 50 airplanes and helicopters

3.Name: Nimitz class
   Country: US
   Entered service: 1986
   Length: 317m
   Beam: 43m
   Height: 73.2m
   Crew: 6012 (including airwing)

   Artillery: 3 or 4 × 20 mm Mk 15 or ASMD

   Missiles: 16–24 × RIM-7 Sea Sparrow or NATO Sea Sparrow missiles, 3 or 4 × Phalanx CIWS or RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missiles

   Aviation group: 85–90 airplanes and helicopters

4.Name: Shandong
    Country: China
    Entered service: 2019
    Length: 315m
    Beam: 75m
    Crew: 2000 people, including -500 aircrew, 126 staff

   Artillery: 3 x Type 1130 30 mm CIWS

   Missiles: 3 x HHQ-10 SAM launchers

   Aviation group: 50+ total aircraft including: 36 Shenyang J-15, 8 Changhe Z-18, 4 Harbin Z-9

5.Name: Queen Elizabeth class
   Country: United Kingdom
   Entered service: 2017
   Length: 284m
   Beam: 73m
   Height: 56m
   Crew: 1 600 people (with aircrew)

   Artillery: Phalanx CIWS, 30 mm naval guns

   Missiles: At least 3 × Phalanx CIWS, 30-mm DS30M Mk2 guns

   Aviation group: 40-72 aircraft







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