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Multiple style signal jammers are designed to have different interference f...

On the evening of December 19 local time, London Gatwick Airport intercepted two jets, prompting the aircraft to take off and land, and the aircraft < […]

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$1.00 new extender setup

Hello, I’m Marieromig We will help you get into your Router Login or other devices on your network. is a private IP address used […]

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Cell phone jammers are everywhere in life

Compared with previous years, in the college entrance examination, three students fine-tuned the students through the security process. “In the […]

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Cell phone jammers can prevent telecommunications scams

cell phone jammer Avoids Telecom Scams Marnie Tonson, legal adviser to the Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA), said that telcos can and shoul […]

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Папка-органайзер А4+

Нам всегда нужно иметь быстрый и удобный доступ к критически важной информации. Компоновка папки-органайзера А4+ позволяет эргономично распределять не […]

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Mit drohne störsender gegen UAVs Problem verteidigen

Mit drohne störsender gegen UAVs Problem verteidigen Die Technologie entwickelt sich heute ständig weiter. Drohnen werden in unserem Leben immer häufi […]

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Рации Baofeng BF-888S (в комплекте 2шт.)

Продаю:Рации Baofeng BF-888S (в комплекте 2шт.). Цена:2600р. Состояние:НОВЫЕ *********************** Стандарт:UHF,Диапазон частот:400-470 МГц,Программ […]

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Продаю:Рация BAOFENG UV-82 Цвета в наличии:Чёрный Состояние:Новая Цена:2200р.(комплект) *********************** Baofeng UV-82 двухдиапазонная професси […]

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Аккумулятор HBP-210H 2000 mAh 7.2v для радиостанций Icom IC F11


Аккумулятор для рации ICOM BP-210N

Продаю:Аккумулятор для рации ICOM BP-210N Состояние:Новый. Цена:1600р. *********************** Химический тип:Ni-MH / никель-металл-гидрид Напряжение […]

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Military Wifi jammer interrupt communication

Military Wifi jammer interrupt communication Military personnel use WiFi jammers to limit and interrupt communications in various situations. It works […]

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Using cell phone jammer prevent exam cheating

Using cell phone jammer prevent exam cheating With the development of society, many high-tech technologies have appeared in many exams. The invention […]

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Планшет Samsung Galaxy Tab-4 10,1″ 2Sim – 8Ядер_4GB Ram_16Gb RO...

10,1″ Планшет-телефон Samsung Galaxy Tab 2Sim – 8Ядер+4GB Ram+16Gb ROM+8Mpx+Android (реплика) Данный планшет имеет: • 10-и ядерную платфор […]

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