Rules for dealing safely with crossbows Info 30.12.2021

  1. The crossbow is considered to be charged when the bow is strained. From that moment you can direct it only to the floor or to the target.
  2. Before shooting check the parts and mechanisms of the crossbow.
  3. Before shooting make sure there is no external obstacle for any part of the crossbow.
  4. […]

Top 10 Best Fighter Aircraft Info 30.12.2021

  1.  Fighter aircraft name: Su-35
     Manufacturer: Russia
     Crew: 1
     Length: 21.9 m
     Height: 5,9 m
     First flight: 19.02.2008 

Top 10 Best Jet Skis Info 30.12.2021

  1. Jet ski name: SEA-DOO SPARK
    Country: Canada
    Engine type: ROTAX 900 HO ACE
    Length: 3050 мм
    Number of seats: 3
    Weight: 199 kg

TOP 10 Private Military Companies in the world Info 30.12.2021

1.Name: Academi (until January 2010, known as Xe Services LLC, until February 2009, known as Blackwater)
   Founded: 1997
   Headquarters: North Carolina, U.S.


Congo River(Africa) Info 30.12.2021

Geography: In the world after the Amazon, the Congo River is the second most abundant and the second longest river in Africa. The Congo River flows through the central and southern regions of Africa and crosses the equator twice and flows into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


Top 5 Submachine Guns in the world Info 12.10.2021

1.Name: Heckler & Koch MP5

Country: Germany

Entered service: 1966

Caliber: 9×19mm Parabellum

Weight: 2.88kg

Length: 660mm

Muzzle velocity: 400m/s

Magazine capacity: 15 or 30rounds

2.Name: FN P90

<  […]

Top 10 best Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles in the world Info 12.10.2021

1.Name: Trident II (D5)
   Manufacturer: USA
   Produced: 1977—1990
   Entered service: 1990


Top 10 Best Remotely Piloted Aircraft Info 12.10.2021

  1. UAV name: MQ-1 Predator
    Manufacturer: USA
    Flying range: 740 km
    Endurance: 24 hours
    Length: 8,23 m
    Weight: 512 kg
    First flight: 1994 

Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Yachts 2019 Info 12.10.2021

  1. Yacht name: History Supreme
    Built or Launched: 2013
    Price: $ 4,8 billion
    Yacht length: 31m
    Owner’s name: owned by anonymous Malaysian multi-billionaire

The world’s most expensive gun Info 12.10.2021

The VO Falcon Edition gun is worth $ 820000, which is exclusively handmade. The gun is produced by “VO Vapen AB”, a small Swedish family company, founded in 1977 by the weapon master Viggo Olson. His son, the gunsmith Oulf helps him. These weapon masters create the world’s most extraordinary guns. The  […]

TOP 5 most expensive Aircraft Carriers in the World Info 09.09.2021

1.Name: USS Gerald R. Ford
   Country: US
   Entered service: 2017


Yenisei River (Russia) Info 27.08.2021

Geography: Yenisei is one of the longest and deepest rivers in the world. It takes the second place among the rivers of Russia and Eurasia. The Yenisei River is the natural boundary between Eastern and Western Siberia.
Area: 2 580 000 km ².


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