Cell phone jammers are everywhere in life

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Compared with previous years, in the college entrance examination, three students fine-tuned the students through the security process. “In the past, staff members checked students out of the classroom door.” Zhang Dexi said, “So we expanded this program to the classroom this year.” He said that the area is part of the classroom and it is not possible to take surveillance cameras. According to Zhang Dexi, the three candidates will enter the examination site. After entering the classroom, the teacher will report to the security staff again. “So our observation of the monitoring room staff can be clear at a glance to ensure each security check. The personalities of each student Safety.”


Signal 4G jammer, high-definition camera, synchronized clock … In the eyes of ordinary citizens, electronic devices that should have appeared in American movies or some high-end organizations have quietly entered the ordinary classrooms of Huaian University. What followed was controversy, with students reflecting the feeling of poor reception and being watched on their phones. In order to find out, the reporter conducted a field trip to the school yesterday morning.


The fact that the Department of Defense will perform a wide range of GPS signal jams in such high-end exercises is further proof of the magnitude of the threat posed by these emerging electronic warfare tactics. After the exercise, it will be interesting to see if the U.S. Air Force acknowledges that the technology is indeed used in the “Red Flag”, but given the large number of Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) technologies being developed, hope to help overcome them. As GPS interference is lost in combat, such consultations that take place during large military exercises may become more common in the coming years.


There is no difference between a cyber attack on the Internet and a cyber attack using GPS jamming technology. North Korea and Russia have been doing this. How to stop someone from turning on a high-power jammer in central London and taking away the financial services department?


According to a new intelligence report, weapons capable of jamming or destroying US military and commercial satellites will reach their initial operational capabilities within the next few years. A WiFi signal blocker will have a certain effect immediately outside the building, so you should still get no signal. And if this is a building problem, you will be received immediately when you go out.


Obviously, movies can’t let fat people stop cell phones. It seems to rely only on consciousness. Of course not, there is a gadget that can help you-mobile interference. The mobile phone jammer will interfere with the mobile phone signal. After the mobile phone jammer is applied to the movie theater, it can’t let people enter the theater.

But how do you feel if you are in the movie world and someone around you has a phone call? Of course, this is terrible and you will be bored. There is no doubt that we all think it’s very impolite to know in a movie. In cinemas, the use of telephones should be prohibited.


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