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Recently, criminals and urban guerrilla terrorists have become more frequent by using drones to support their illegal activities. They are using drones because of availability, pricing and simplicity.
Another reason to use drones is that they use high-definition cameras to efficiently gain insight and information about people and places.
Today, most drones have HD or 4K cameras so that criminals can collect high-quality reconnaissance information and store it in the cloud.
Drones are used for many illegal activities, such as air smuggling of drugs or weapons inside prisons, or even dropping bombs on any target, civilian or military.
These illegal payloads can be easily attached to the drone and dropped at the touch of a button. The guards or guards protecting the area don’t know.
This approach would wreak havoc on the prison. Using drone jammer can protect prisons from the supply of hazardous items or illegal weapons.What is an anti-drone jammer?
A drone jammer is a device that can take drones from up to 4 kilometers away and destroy them safely and effectively.
Excellent drone jamming devices use wavelengths similar to cell phone jamming methods. It works by detecting which model is approaching the facility and then giving you the most ideal course of action to disable it. This technique could shield prison security systems from the eagle-eyed vision that felons get with this technique.

How can anti-drone detection systems benefit prisons?
Drone technology is getting cheaper every day, making it easily accessible to both consumers and criminals.
As mentioned above, it can be used by criminal groups to plan illegal activities with prison members of the same affiliation. They can even spy on guards or other prison officials, giving prisoners confidential information.
What is an anti drone gun jammer?
Anti-drone guns are the perfect replacement for drone jammers. It is manually operated and can safely disable drones up to 1.2 km away.
These are designed for prisons with staff monitoring the sky for any potential threats.

The Jammer mart anti-drone gun emits directional radio frequency signals, which can send multi-band frequencies at the same time to interfere with the operation of the drone and interfere with the GPS and Wi-Fi communication of the drone.
It is designed to effectively and safely neutralize drones while maintaining absolute control over the situation.
The anti-drone gun includes an LCD screen to help you set up the system for optimal use. It also has a temperature sensor and pressure gauge. It can disable the drone for up to 10 minutes on a full charge of 60 minutes.
anti drone jammer diy
Since drones are often used in criminal activities, incorporating counter-drone technology systems into any prison security system to enhance security measures in prisons and detention facilities from all dimensions and levels is the most important financial investment.

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