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Provide the highest quality of American-made gear to those who seek it; whether military, first responder, or prepared citizen.

About Us
Predator Armor was born from a group of patriotic citizens, veterans, and active duty service members. We strive to provide the highest quality gear for anyone seeking an advanced level of personal protection. All of our gear is made 100% in the USA; made by Americans, for Americans. With that, we guarantee our products will be made with the professional detail that you can depend on & trust with your life.


5.56 Quick Draw Triple Mag Pouch

DESCRIPTION Predator Armor 5.56 Quick Draw Triple Mag Pouch utilizes a laser cut MOLLE front and back with Kydex inserts. These pouches have strong, c […]

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Dump Pouch

Description Need a place for your spent mags, accessories, or other items? The Predator Armor folding dump pouch is for you. The pouch folds up […]

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IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit)

Description The IFAK Pouch is a tear-away trauma kit designed to hold all necessary field dressing items to stop bleeding. The inner strap has two […]

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Polyethylene Level III Loaded Bundle

DESCRIPTION POLYETHYLENE LEVEL III PLATES- Predator Armor Level III Lightweight Body Armor is manufactured in the U.S. The plate is made of polyethyle […]

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IFAK – Refill Kit

Description Be prepared at any moment with Predator Armor’s Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). This medical kit provides necessary items to take a […]

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Price negot.

Level IIIA Soft Armor – (set of two)

DESCRIPTION Predator Armor’s Level IIIA Soft Armor has been tested by an independent NIJ credentialed laboratory to certify that it meets NIJ le […]

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Level III+ Shooters Cut Plate Carrier Package

Predator Armor Level III+ Body Armor is manufactured in the U.S. using ballistic grade AR650 steel and has the option for a Kevlar-lined spall and […]

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Level III Loaded Bundle

DESCRIPTION LEVEL III BODY ARMOR PLATES: Predator Armor Level III Body Armor is manufactured in the U.S. using ballistic-grade steel and has the optio […]

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Minuteman Plate Carrier

DESCRIPTION The Minuteman Plate Carrier is the perfect minimalist plate carrier. While maintaining a slim profile, the carrier is designed to carry st […]

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