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Founded in 2018, TradeFlock is now among the fastest-growing business magazines in India owned and published by SDAD Technology. Published biweekly, it works towards a common goal of showcasing, catering, and delivering detailed insights to all types of businesses to encourage and inspire entrepreneurs. Great business minds know that being informed and updated is essential for success apart from calculation and management.

Founding Bricks & Inspiration
Back in 2018, the digital publication of TradeFlock was embarked to be an e-platform that celebrates diversity and is densely packed with long and short takes on business news, success stories, reviews, comparisons, business technologies, finance, economic reporting, leadership, management, rankings, and everything that a standard business lexicon includes. As the internet is here to stay, TradeFlock aims to be a digital place where business owners and enthusiasts of all scales can Flock to talk about Trade

We Dig Deep to Get The Valuable Insights
The squad of gifted writers at TradeFlock digs deep to find out and compile the information & news that matters to readers and help them stand apart from the contenders. At TradeFlock, you’ll find a wealth of information to help you manage your money, time, and organisation properly, whether you’re a small business owner looking to join the list of entrepreneurial success stories or a seasoned corporate executive riding the wave.

As a business e-magazine, we undertake to inform our readers of what necessitates an entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive. We bestow readers with crucial insights to grow a business, along with the tips to manage businesses of all ranges. With us, readers can stay aware of technologies that are transforming the biz world. TradeFlock helps readers to learn how state-of-the-art technological developments impact business and society extensively.

Moreover, TradeFlock offers decision-makers and trends followers inclusive coverage of technological advancements and vital issues in international business across many industry verticals.

We Bring Stories That Inspire You
TThe world is dense with inspiring entrepreneurs, and we at TradeFlock bring their success stories so that people can analyse what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and conquer the business arena. Moreover, we also spotlight successful small businesses and startups who have made a unique path with smart and innovative ideas that the world has never witnessed before.

Enhance Your Biz Sense & Management Wisdom
TradeFlock, the e-publication and one of the prominent & rapidly growing business e-magazines for entrepreneurs, attempts to improve management practice in this ever-changing environment. Entrepreneurs find relevant information on various niches because it is created for and by a group of knowledgeable business executives, professionals, consultants, and scholars.

Here on this e-platform, scholars or knowledge seekers can learn about effective leadership, negotiation, strategy, finance, marketing, organisational change, people management, and more in this collection of articles. Our data-driven write-ups allow you to plan for the future of your company.

The Power of Social Media and Our Presence
Businesses in many industries are facing uncertainty as a new marketplace forms. But one thing is certain: a solid social media strategy is essential. Social media platforms have rapidly become the backbone of corporate operations, and they’re critical for forging real connections with customers and fostering long-term brand loyalty. Not to mention the fact that, when done correctly, they can increase online sales.

TradeFlock perceives the significance of Social Media and knows well that its flowing nature makes it the perfect launch-pad for storytelling. The publication ensures a robust presence on nearly all social media channels to keep engaged with its reader base. To keep up with state-of-the-art forms of media, we learn their revolving mechanisms and execute them accordingly. Moreover, we get readers’ feedback concerning topics we cover and our e-platform.

The Idea & Intent
The whole and sole purpose of this e-podium is to inform and make people aware of relevant business news, updates, trends, tips, guidance, and insight that can lead to success in their respective business arenas. We have the flexibility to alter our tone, texture, and flavour as per the trend and the requirement of our audience base.

Our audience is more inclined than ever to switch to the next best alternative if they don’t feel connected with us. Our priority is to build an intellectual community that connects with our audience with authenticity and trust. Over the years, we have learned and displayed tremendous growth by covering a plethora of aspects concerning economics, finance, management, the marketplace, social media, and entrepreneurship. Founded and managed by SDAD Technology, TradeFlock is the go-to destination for industry articles, interviews, special appearances, etc. We are geared up to bring more informative, unbiased, and impactful takes to uncover the untouched aspects essential concerning business and entrepreneurship.


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