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Tractorkarvan is one stop portal to get all the information about tractors and their accessories such as farm implements, and tractor tyres. Here, you can purchase, sell, service, finance and insure new as well as used tractors, for all your farming needs.

Before, we delve deeper into “why Tractorkarvan is best for buying and selling tractors”, let us first understand the basics of a tractor.

What is a Tractor?
A tractor, sometimes pronounced as traktar, tractar or tektar in India, is designed to drive farm implements and generate the power needed to perform various farming tasks. Farmers use agricultural vehicles because it helps them save time and effort.

The word ‘tractor’ was not in use until 1907. It was then known as ‘automobile plough’. The tractor engine has undergone a gradual evolution from portable steam engines in 19th century to electric engine driven tractors.

What are the Features of a Good Tractor?
A good tractor is one that can save the farmers time and money by reducing the efforts required to perform a farming task. The most basic requirements are engine horsepower (HP) and the affordability. The HP is the power an engine produces. So, higher HP tractor will offer better performance and will be preferable by farmers.

A tractor with good features shall include the following among others:

It must be equipped with a powerful engine.
It must have higher ground clearance.
It must be fuel efficient. Engines running on diesel fuel are mostly preferred.
It must be versatile, that is, it can be used in multiple farm applications.
It must be easily attachable to all types of implements.
It must be convenient and easy to operate.
What are the Different Types of Tractors?
Tractors are technologically advanced farm vehicles that has replaced animal-drawn vehicles (ADVs) used in agriculture. There are many types of tractors available in the market today. Some of them are listed below:

Utility Tractors: As the name suggests, these agricultural vehicles are used for various farming tasks such as ploughing and pull all types of farming equipment. They have a HP range between 45 - 120.

Compact Tractors: These are small size farm vehicles but are powerful. They are used in vineyards, orchards, etc. They save a lot of money for farmers by consuming less fuel.

Garden Tractors: They are specially designed for work in gardens. Their power output ranges from 15 HP to 20 HP. Some of the famous ones are Force Orchard Mini and Swaraj 724 XM Orchard.

Other types of tractors include industrial tractors, row crop tractors, and earth moving tractors, among others.

Best Tractors of India on Tractorkarvan
There are more than 15 tractor manufacturing company in India. On Tractorkarvan, you can find all the relevant information related to 21 best tractor brands in India. These include Swaraj, Mahindra tractors, New Holland, John Deere tractors, and Sonalika, among others. The tractors manufactured by them are among the best tractors in India. Below we have given the details:

Mahindra Tractors
Mahindra is a household name when it comes to use of farm machinery in agriculture. The company has been manufacturing the most affordable farm vehicles over the years and is popular among farmers fraternity. Some of the best Mahindra tractors available on Tractorkarvan are:

Mahindra 575 DI: HP – 45 and Price - INR 7.60 - 8.80 lakhs.

Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus: HP – 46.9 and Price - INR 8.20 - 8.90 lakhs.


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