Methods of wearing a shootgun during hunting

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Methods of wearing a shootgun during hunting Info 01.11.2018

   One of the key factors for the hunter during the hunt is the safe handling of weapons, the skills of which are developed over the years. The safest method is when the gun is hanging on the shoulder and the barrels are directed upwards. However, it is difficult to sight the hunt quickly in case of a sudden encounter from this position. All remaining positions of gun wearing are less secure as compared to the aforementioned, especially when the fuse is not installed for the weapon. If you mechanically remove the weapon from the fuse mode in a fast hunt pointing, then you can carry the gun in different positions in hunting locations so that different muscle groups work equally. Rapid sighting and shooting is provided when the hunter pulls the butt spout with one hand, and the saddle with the other hand and the butt is located under the arm, which, however, is not suitable for longer walking.


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