Rio-Grande River


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Rio-Grande River

(Argentina) Info 17.10.2018

Geography: The Land of Fire is situated on the southern border of South America. It includes more than 40,000 islands. Its western part administratively belongs to Chile (the area of Magallanes-i-la-Antarctica-Chilena). The eastern part belongs to Argentina. The river flows through the territory of Chile and Argentina. On the island of Land of Fire the largest river of the island, Rio Grande, is situated. Near the mouth of the river the largest city of the island, Rio Grande, is situated.
Length: 240km.
Water type: Cool climate, cold and clear water.
River source: On the Chilean part of the island in the area of Magallanes the sources of the river are. Further, the river flows along the Argentine part of the island and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The main left tributaries of the river are Hapon, Erminita, Moneta, Rasfen.The main right tributaries of the river are Riveros, Korcane, Donosa, Turba, Candelaria, Bellavista, McLennan, Rio Blanco;
Fish species: Trout, salmon, bull-trout (brown trout), river trout, rainbow trout (mikizh, American palia, chinook, coho), steelhead salmon.
Time for fishing: The best season for fishing are February or March months. This is the river No.1 for catching the largest trout in the world. This territory can be considered one of the best places for catching salmon and trout.