Can mobile jammers really affect the Internet?

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There is no real mobile phone jammer software on the market. The so-called mobile phone signal shielding software is a kind of junk software. On the surface, it only shields the mobile phone signal, but in fact it has no effect at all. If you find some mobile phone signal shielding software in the application market, download and use, you will find that these applications can only do superficial data articles, but they cannot really affect the signal strength of other devices. Change the role. So if you just want to have fun, you can download these software to use. But if you really want to block other cell phone signals on certain occasions, then it is recommended that you buy some professional cell phone signal shielding equipment.

Handheld jammer

Because of its convenient portability and other advantages, notebook computers are used by more and more people for office and entertainment purposes. In some occasions, mobile phone signal jammers may be used for special needs such as confidentiality to shield and interfere with mobile phone signals. As people who use laptops, they must have similar questions about whether cell phone signal jammers will affect the laptop’s Internet access. To understand whether the mobile phone signal jammer affects the Internet surfing of the laptop, we must first understand the interference frequency band of the mobile phone signal jammer and the frequency band used by the notebook computer. If the interference frequency band of the mobile phone signal jammer coincides with the frequency band used by the notebook computer , It will affect the Internet function of the laptop.

Handheld jammer

Laptops generally have two ways to surf the Internet, one is wired Internet, that is, surfing the Internet through a network port, and the other is wireless Internet. Refer to the description of «Does the mobile phone signal jammer affect wired Internet access?», you can know that the mobile phone signal jammer cannot shield or interfere with wired Internet access. Therefore, it mainly covers the frequency band of laptops wireless Internet access. According to the current classification of laptops on the market, wireless Internet access supports single frequency and dual frequency. The so-called single frequency refers to only supporting WiFi2.4 frequency band to surf the Internet, while dual frequency refers to supporting WiFi2.4 and WiFi5.8 two frequency bands to surf the Internet. Most laptops only support single frequency, and some high-priced or more conscientious configurations will be equipped with dual-band Internet access.

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