Concealable Plate Carrier

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The Concealable Plate Carrier is the lightest and lowest profile carrier we have available. It is designed to be just that — concealable. Lightweight (weighing less than 10 oz), low profile and comfortable, it can be worn under button up shirts, jackets, and similar articles of clothing. The carrier is designed specifically for our Level IIIA Soft Armor, but it can fit any standard 10″x12″ plate as well.

Made of a nylon and spandex blend, the Concealable Plate Carrier is comfortable and breathable, allowing it to have a stretch that better contours and fits your body. It includes elastic cummerbund straps that fit around your sides and provide ample adjustment. The shoulder straps are adjustable as well, to ensure a perfect and snug fit.


Lightweight (less than 10oz)
Elastic cummberbund
Adjustable shoulder straps
Designed for 10″x12″ soft armor
100% Made in the USA

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