IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit)

IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) - Изображение1IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) - Изображение2IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) - Изображение3IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) - Изображение4IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) - Изображение5IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) - Изображение6IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) - Изображение7
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The IFAK Pouch is a tear-away trauma kit designed to hold all necessary field dressing items to stop bleeding. The inner strap has two large elastic loops, two medium elastic loops, and two small elastic loops, as well as an inner pocket. The back of the inner strap features a small velcro retention strap for medical shears.

When not deployed, the inner strap folds in half to fit into the outer shell. The outer shell features a shock cord system to securely tighten the inner strap when stowing. To deploy, simply grab the velcro strap on the front and pull, which releases the inner strap and unfolds the contents for quick access.

The back of the outer shell features laser cut molle/PALS for easy attachment to plate carriers, battle belts, and packs.

The IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) comes in a vacuum-sealed pouch and contains the necessary tools to treat life-threatening bleeding wounds.

IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit) contents include:

1 Med Pouch
1x Quikclot Bleeding Control Dressing — Z Fold
1x Responder Blue Gloves — Large
1x Hyfin (Vented) Chest Seal Dressing — Compact Twin Pack
1x Trauma Shears — Large
1x Emergency Survival Blanket
1x Responder Emergency Trauma Dressing — 6″

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