Tourniquet Holder

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This elastic tourniquet holder allows the storage of a Tourniquet on or between any velcro surface. Whether it be on a plate carrier, chest rig, two-piece belt, or any other piece of kit, our tourniquet holder allows you to place a tourniquet virtually anywhere that velcro is present. It is a universal fit, compatible with any gear that uses velcro.

The tourniquet sleeve utilizes 4″ elastic to retain the tourniquet. The tourniquet holder is simplistic, lightweight, durable, and functional. It helps ensure quick and easy access to a tourniquet at all times. It is fully ambidextrous and can be installed anywhere you have velcro.

Simple and reliable design
4″ elastic retention
One Hand Deployment
Universal fit
Made with Mil-Spec materials (Berry Compliant)
Hook/Loop Velcro can be attached to similar surface
Made in USA

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