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Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch)

Description The Sag Bag provides you maximum versatility with your gear, providing a solution to carry additional supplies below your plate carrier or […]

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Tourniquet Holder

Description This elastic tourniquet holder allows the storage of a Tourniquet on or between any velcro surface. Whether it be on a plate carrier, ches […]

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Survival Kit

Description Be prepared at any moment with Predator Armor’s Mini Survival Kit. This survival kit provides the necessary items should an emergenc […]

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5.56 Quick Draw Triple Mag Pouch

DESCRIPTION Predator Armor 5.56 Quick Draw Triple Mag Pouch utilizes a laser cut MOLLE front and back with Kydex inserts. These pouches have strong, c […]

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Dump Pouch

Description Need a place for your spent mags, accessories, or other items? The Predator Armor folding dump pouch is for you. The pouch folds up […]

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Polyethylene Level III Loaded Bundle

DESCRIPTION POLYETHYLENE LEVEL III PLATES- Predator Armor Level III Lightweight Body Armor is manufactured in the U.S. The plate is made of polyethyle […]

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