Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch)

Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch) - Изображение1Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch) - Изображение2Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch) - Изображение3Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch) - Изображение4Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch) - Изображение5Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch) - Изображение6Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch) - Изображение7Sag Bag (Dangler Pouch) - Изображение8
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The Sag Bag provides you maximum versatility with your gear, providing a solution to carry additional supplies below your plate carrier or chest rig. This is a multifunctional pouch that can act as a dangler, utility pouch, or fanny pack. It is a hanger pouch that can be mounted either under the front flap and cummerbund, or inserted into your plate pocket on most carriers. This style of hanger pouch is compatible with almost any plate carrier or chest rig that has loop velcro on the front and most plate pockets. It is a lightweight, durable, and convenient way to help you carry the tools that you need for the job.

This dangle pouch is designed to be large enough to hold what you need while not being so large that it flops around or hinders mobility. The zipper and opening allows ease of access while in use. Many hanger pouches have zippers that make it hard to access, but the placement of the zipper easily allows you to open the pouch, see what is inside, and get what you need. There are dual zippers on the main compartment for ambidextrous usage.

The front of the pouch features a small zippered pocket that is perfect for smaller items. The bottom of the pouch features 4″ woven elastic retainer for a tourniquet or similar item that needs to be rapidly deployed. The inside of the pouch has 1″ elastic on one side as well as a loop velcro panel on the back. This allows for maximum flexibility to organize your pouch, whether using the elastic to hold your tools or utilizing velcro attachments for the back. The two grommet holes on the bottom aid with water drainage.


500D Cordura Construction
Can be mounted under the front flap and cummerbund or inserted into the plate pocket on most carriers
Compatible with most plate carriers that have loop closure flaps or cummerbunds, or velcro plate pockets.
Compatible with chest rigs that utilize hook and loop placards.
4″ woven elastic retainer on bottom for tourniquet
Convertible to a fanny pack
Two zippers pockets
Dimensions: Y»T x Y»W x Y»D

Made in the USA

Идентификатор: 83645ce1094d208


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