Jammers have considerable advantages over noise jamming systems.

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As we all know, radar is widely used in modern warfare. Thanks to radar, electronic warfare can be launched. Therefore, radar interference and anti-jamming are the keys to modern electronic warfare. The key to radar interference is the GPS jammer. Therefore, the spoof jammer can adapt its duty cycle to the victim radar duty cycle without using the 100% duty cycle required by the noise jammer. In order to be effective, the power requirement of the deceptive jammer depends on the average power of the radar, not the peak power required by the noise jammer.


In addition, since the waveform of the interference signal looks the same as the waveform of the radar, it is regarded as actual feedback. The jamming signal is amplified by the victim’s radar receiver, thereby increasing its effectiveness. When designing and constructing self-protecting jamming systems for tactical aircraft entering dense threat environments, the reduced power required for effective deception jamming is particularly important. The spoof blocking system can be smaller and lighter, and can block multiple threats at the same time. These characteristics make deceptive jammers have considerable advantages over noise jamming systems.


Although North Korea is a relatively late country. But with the help of Russia, North Korea gained influence. GPS jammer and other aspects. Russia is currently very good. The US military relies heavily on GPS and may be developing a series of position, navigation and synchronization (PNT) technologies to overcome the loss of GPS in combat. This possibility is increasing today and in the coming years. Some people speculate that this year’s exercise clearly envisaged possible conflicts on the Korean peninsula. In recent years, North Korea has frequently issued GPS interference signals.


Interference with cruise missiles, how to counter cruise missiles? This is not just a question studied by military experts around the world. This is what a sociologist dedicated to peace has always wanted to know. With the advent of GPS jammers, this question seems to be easy to answer.

Question one of the most difficult challenges facing the creators of world peace. The threat posed by ballistic missiles is well documented. However, the threat posed by cruise missiles may be greater or greater. One of the reasons (if it is not the deciding factor that has caused increasing concern about the proliferation of global cruise missiles) is the development and deployment of satellite navigation systems (such as the United States’ Global Positioning System (GPS) and satellite navigation systems). Global Russian navigation system. System (GLONASS). This paper studies the problem of GPS performance in the interference environment. Specifically.


Russia seems to be using a special type of drone jammer. In addition to the wide range of interference, the jammer is very cautious. Because the US military does not understand how Russians use cell phone jammers. Therefore, Russia does have more interference equipment than the United States. Samuel Bendett, a research analyst at the Naval Analysis Center, said: «Russia has been using cell phone jammers installed on drones for many years.»Drone jammer, many people have heard the name. But how does the device work and what is the principle? Maybe few people know. Therefore, today, we specially invite experts to respond to us.


To interfere, the jammer transmits RF power (CW + modulation) at the same frequency used by the enemy link or network. The enemy receiver (the «listening» side) receives signals from the jammer and its «partner». The strongest will have the upper hand; if the ability of the jammer is greater than the ability of the «partner», the «listener» will not be able to «understand» the message / data correctly. Alternatively, if the capabilities of the «partner» are greater than the capabilities of the interferer, the «listener» will probably be able to «understand» the message / data correctly, and the communication link between the «partners» will remain uninterrupted. This explanation is a bit superficial, the purpose is to simplify things. However, if we try to «deep» the problem, we can compare the signal levels of the two «links» to get more parameters.


An example is the SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) that the receiver «sees» at its input. Sometimes, the interference signal arriving at the receiver input may be lower than the communication signal («partner»), and still dominate. This happens because the receiver usually needs a “margin” between the two input signals to explain one of them (usually the strongest). Ho


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