Signal jammers are appearing more and more frequently in the public domain

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If you want to have a GPS jammer with high quality and competitive price, you can buy it from our category. If you have a clearer understanding of our shop, you should see that our product quality is the best in the industry , Is also the most competitive price. This is very cost-effective. Because we have always pursued high-quality products and moderate prices to serve our customers, our store has become a model in the industry and has attracted many customers in the market. If you have any needs, please contact us. We will provide you with the most professional solutions and services. Your satisfaction is an important support for our industry model.

We found that these portable signal blockers were found on some websites in the United States, and these websites did not hesitate to place important promotional offers. For a standard jammer, only about $100 is calculated. Only need to install WiFi and mobile phone jammers are religious places, such as some temples or churches. Of course, big business, time is money, staff are not allowed to use their mobile phones, they should work. Mobile jammers can also be installed in major theaters, movie theaters or concert halls.

GSM is the abbreviation of Global System for Mobile Communications and is the most widely used digital wireless telephone technology in the world. It is a standard that describes the 2G cellular network protocol. It uses the base station to generate a stable electromagnetic field radio frequency signal to relay information. When the magnetic field is in the metal, it will produce interference signals. Rubezh can be detected and recorded. The Doppler effect and triangulation are used to determine the precise coordinates of the target by analyzing the signals recorded by the base station. Once Rubezh has captured the identified target, the data is sent to the monitoring center via the GSM network, including the Defense Management Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Space Iraq Air Defense System Command and Control Center.

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