You need know GPS jammer

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From ship navigation to financial transactions, we’re increasingly reliant on GPS,so,what you need to know about GPS interference.
GPS Jamming

GPS jamming is a relatively uncomplicated technique that simply involves producing an RF signal strong enough to drown out the transmissions from GPS satellites. The subject of a GPS jamming attack will be instantly aware that something is wrong, as the system will be unable to produce a geolocation result. GPS jamming can be carried out either unintentionally or deliberately, and its prevalence is increasing – during an L1 and L2 GPS band monitoring campaign over just a few weeks in London, we detected significant jamming activity. This ranged from crude unmodulated sources of interference poorly centered on the L1 or L2 band to synthesized sources suggesting deliberate targeting.

A common use of gps scrambler in London is taxi and HGV drivers evading rules on maximum driving hours or trying to stop employers from tracking them. In other parts of the world, GPS signal blocker has been widely used.
And with the advent of 5G systems moving into the frequencies used by GPS, interference is likely to become more and more widespread.

Do You Need One?
While this is something only you can answer if you are concerned about maintaining your privacy you may benefit from GPS jammers Many drivers use them to keep their managers from knowing their every move. It is not only about the location but about the feeling that your privacy is being stolen.

Many of us take our privacy seriously and want to work knowing that there is not someone checking up on us every minute of the day. A lot of people simply want to be left alone to do what they need to do and not be monitored during the process.

As mentioned, some cars now have GPS navigation and location services installed in them when we buy them. We are not asked if we want it in the car. Many people are uncomfortable with this so they use a GPS signal jammer

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